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The Landscape Design Process Explained....

1. Onsite Consultation

Every one of our projects begins with a personal, face-to-face meeting and initial design consultation.  

2. Design and Estimate

Our designer will give you a reasonable time frame with which you can expect to hear back from him/her concerning your landscape design.  During this phase in the process, you may be asked to meet with your designer at one or more local landscape supply vendors in order to select materials you want to see incorporated into your project.  Once your design is complete, you will meet with your designer to finalize your design and overall project budget.

3. Schedule Installation and Material Selection

Following the acceptance of your project design, you will be given an estimated time frame in which you can expect the installation of your project to begin. 

4. Installation

Now it’s time for work on your project to begin. Remember, if at anytime you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to let us know.    

5. Final Walk Through

On the final day of your project installation, we will conduct a final walk-through with you, ensuring your project has been completed to your standards.  We will also discuss specific instructions regarding the care and maintenance of your project.  

6. Ongoing watering, fertilizing, and trimming to protect your investment

Now it’s your turn.  The first year is very crucial for establishing your new plant material.  We have planted, watered, and fertilized the plants, but they still need your help.  Unless you have an underground irrigation system that was designed with designated plant zones in mind, it won’t distribute the proper water your plant materials need as it works to establish itself.  We will take the time to explain how often and at what rates your new plants should be watered and fertilized.  If routine pruning is required, we will also explain how and when to properly prune your plants. 

In the case of hardscape installations (retaining walls, patios, walkways, concrete curb edging, etc.) you will be made aware of any necessary maintenance to be performed.